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Thursday, October 27, 2005
So, last week there was this article, predicting that Miers would withdraw to "protect executive privilege" - in fact, the only graceful way out of the mess that was her nomination.

Today, we learn that - surprise! - Miers has withdrawn her name, to protect executive privilege. How sweet of her.

Now, here's my question - and I'd love if everyone would answer it by way of commenting - do you think:

A) Bush was just completely blind to all of the problems in nominating Miers, and really did think she'd get confirmed,
2) The administration was setting us up with an awful nomination, so that whoever he nominates next will seem reasonable by comparison,
iii) The administration was attempting to distract us from Iraq, Katrina, Karl Rove, etc, by nominating someone and creating a little controversy before they withdraw her name,
D) They had an idea she might not get confirmed, but had conservatives protest that "we don't know enough about her" so that the Democrats might think she was actually more moderate than she is and maybe confirm her, OR
5) Other: Please explain. Preferably in 5-paragraph essay format.


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