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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
The primary problem with the theory of evolution is that it cannot adequately explain 100% of current scientific observations. The primary problem facing intelligent design is that it cannot rightly be called a scientific theory. The central tenet of the ID argument is that the universe is the way that it appears to us because some entity, possessed of a measure of intelligence and incredible power, caused it to be that way on purpose. This argument cannot be called a theory because it makes no testable predictions. Even if it were proven to be true (which isn't possible, since proof implies a testable proposition), what good would that do? We'd still have to turn to the scientific method to discern the fundamental laws behind what we observe to be true. In other words, even if God created the universe, gravity still exists. If God created gravity, he must have created it with certain aspects which could only have been determined through scientific approaches.
Incidentally, it is on this same basis that many scientists dismiss string theory.


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    Well said.

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