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Tuesday, October 25, 2005
For some reason, I have two accounts with Friendster. Oh I know, I forgot the first, made the second, remembered the first, and neglected them both. In any event, I have now made friends with myself (pause) (reflect) (snicker) and decided to get a joint horoscope. This is what it said:

You and Jelani have smooth sailing ahead.
In great orchestras, every musician knows their part and how it contributes to the overall sound. Even if you're not a virtuoso violist and your friend can barely tap out a tune, you'd both do well to take heed of this example right now. The two of you are indispensable players when it comes to something that has important meaning in your lives. The trick is to figure out how exactly you can maximize the beautiful impact you will have without tooting your own horns.

All together now, "HUH?"


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