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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Read this. And this, if you feel like it. She's an idiot. She writes at something resembling a 10th grade level, doesn't answer any of the questions, and leaves a lot of stuff out. For example, in response to:

27. Please describe your experience in the entire judicial selection process, from beginning to end (including circumstances which led to your nomination and the interviews in which you participated). List all interviews or communications you had with anyone in the Executive Office of the President or the Justice Department regarding this nomination, or any other judicial nomination for which you were considered, the dates of such interviews and communications, and all persons present or participating in such interviews or communications.

She responds with two shorts paragraphs that list two people she talked two, and four dates. She actually avoids names ("I was asked about..." and "individuals") and what she (ever so briefly) describes can't POSSIBLY be her "experience in the entire judicial selection process." No wonder the senators - even the Republicans - aren't quite satisfied with her answers.


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