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My Days...

Monday, October 13, 2008
....go something like this:

Play with Baby J.

Read the news (Ellie helps).

Make Baby J smile.

Answer emails (Ellie helps).

When Baby J cries, fix it.

Do some work (Ellie helps).

Watch Baby J sleep (Ellie helps).

Not a bad life.


Friday, October 10, 2008
I couldn't figure out how to spell cassaroll, casarole, casaroll, casserole, caserolle, caserole the name given many things because they are mixed and then baked in a pan.

Anyhoo, I am making kiwi cheesecakes and I realized I had tator tots and heavy whipping cream! The sheer joy of knowing that the possibility of "cheesy goodness" was near elicited the biggest happy dance I had ever done. After about 10 seconds (that's all I will admit in public), I had to tell myself to calm down. It was the first time that I had ever been my own voice of reason. Then I thought, I used my voice of reason on that? Shame on me! Then I danced again.

Work Conversation

Funny Conversation:

Me: Ede, wanna see a cute baby?
Ede: Ooh, Ooh, yeah, Hold on, Here I come.
Ede: Aww, such a cute little boy (in that whiney girl voice)
Me: Girl (sarcasm is awesome)
Ede: Girl (whiney voice again)
Me: I'm telling Asia you said her baby was ugly
Ede: I didn't say ugly. I just called him a boy!
Me: How's that better?
Ede: I could have said ugly boy
Me: This is true. I will tell her you called her baby an ugly boy.
Ede: JB!
Me: **Laughing hysterically.**