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Thursday, May 25, 2006

I just saw James Brown. C'est raison (actually I mean c'est ça ou c'est juste, but I was confused because tu as raison means 'you are right"... f'in French), James Brown. There's absolutely no possibility of seeing James Brown and not having some comments.

...James said lots of stuff we didn't understand.
...James mentioned something about his erection or his manhood before "Sex Machine." Twice.
...The show was an hour and a half long.
...They mistook OUR state for "West Virginia." We booed in typical "Virginia" fashion. I booed at a James Brown concert. I'm ashamed. I also "got up off of that thing."
...I drove through WVa once for a conference with a bus full of black people once. A "West Virginian" asked if we were a "basketball team."
...At least they said they were in "Charlottesville." Maybe they thought it was Charleston?
...I believe James Brown is from Macon, where "You ain't from around here..."
...A woman at Rapture said, "They don't call him the Grandfather of Soul for nothing!"
...Smacking the woman at Rapture would have been a cliche.
...James Brown is old.
..."Armeggedon the Musical" is inferior.
...James Brown is old.
...Seeing James Brown in his 70's might be like seeing Jordan with the Wizards. So he didn't win a championship with them, it's f'in Jordan man.
...There were no splits.
...There were 10 people in the band, 4 backup singers, 1 "guest" singer with very red hair, 2 Soul Train dancers (ex-Laker Girls), and 3 other random guys. That makes 21 people on stage at the height of the show.
...Man, he's old.
...He didn't not perform "The Payback."
...Can I count it off?
...Germans LOVE David Hasselhoff.


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