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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I just came to the realization that Johnny Drama's character is based on Donnie Wahlberg. Wow.

In any case,

The funniest thing happened coming into the office yesterday. As I walked up to the back door, I spied a squirrel with my bad eyes. I said, "Hey, Mr. Squirrel!" The squirrel attempted to jump up the glass repititively to get away from me. He was trapped.

Eventually, I let him out. It was funny and weird. I'm just glad he decided not to attack and give me rabies. They should make a movie about squirrels attacking. It would be much cuter than the movie about slugs...


  1. Fred T. said...

    Yeah, but it'd never come close to having mutha f****n' snakes on the mutha f****n' plane!

    3:23 PM  

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