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Sunday, May 28, 2006
It's 85 degrees upstairs. Boy, I'm pissed.


  1. Fred T. said...

    It's 82 in here. But somehow the ceiling fan is making it feel much cooler. Unfortunately, there's not enough wind in The Draft today to open the windows.

    Valerie promises to cool the house down the next time you come over.

    5:22 PM  

  2. Unknown said...

    Yup 86 upstairs when I put the kids to bed last night - maybe that's what I get for going away for the weekend, closing every window in the house and not turning the AC on at all - note to self don't do that again.

    9:13 AM  

  3. Mrs. B said...

    A/C works again! It was 71 last night!

    Although if it breaks again, I might have a fit. We've lived there two months, and it's broken twice. Not good odds so far.

    9:58 AM  

  4. The Maharaja said...

    86! That's it? Try living in hell AKA Florida during this heat wave known as summer!

    8:48 PM  

  5. Mrs. B said...

    But you have AC!

    8:54 AM  

  6. The Maharaja said...

    Ah yes, AC. what a wonderful invention. If you visit me, you too will have AC and booze.

    10:46 AM  

  7. Mrs. B said...

    When do you want visitors?

    3:31 PM  

  8. The Maharaja said...

    visitors? Anytime! in the next month or so. Aim for the start of the month since I get paid monthly.

    12:50 PM  

  9. Mrs. B said...

    ha - but the start of next month is the party that you may or may not definitely miss...

    2:44 PM  

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