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Sunday, May 21, 2006
So, I get the feeling that this is accurate, but I figured I'd double-check with the boys and see. 50-65? A dozen of which.....Really?


  1. Fred T. said...

    Geez, I was hoping someone else would have confirmed it by now. I certainly don't want to be the first male to confirm it.

    Um, whoops.

    7:58 AM  

  2. Rob said...

    Well which is it? Does seeing someone walk by and thinking "oooh, nice" count or not?

    3:23 PM  

  3. Mrs. B said...

    Depends on what you're counting. Apparently, the not-so-general consensus was that if you count it, then the number is 50-65, but if not, it's about a dozen or so.

    Take the poll.

    9:46 AM  

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