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Tuesday, June 15, 2004
WHAT UP? Last day on my project here!!! I'm excited to get out of here and fly up my new project. I've got a question for all you techno dorks:

I'm looking for a home audio system that can take output from a base station and transmit info wirelessly to stations throught the house so other amps (deck/kitchen/bedroom/etc.) thereby acheiving centralized control of home-wide audio. That would be perf.

Does a product like this exist? Obviously transmitting it via FM would suck, but some sort of wireless network all-digital solution would be clutch. Thanks.

I am aware of proprietary products such as this...wondering if there's any way to do this without the purchase of 100% proprietary system:

Is there any way to do this without dropping laptops all over my house? I have three computers but my number one complaint would be they are loud (fan/hard drive noise) and also I'd still have to run wires all over the place from them to my audio gear.

I've got a bunch of speakers and amps all over the house already that I've dropped major bank on and would prefer to not have to start over...they are just not interconnected. All I need is a base station, wireless tranmission medium, and satellites that can have either line-level or adjustable level outputs. A nice uprade to the satellite stations would be the ability to perform simple actions such as FWD and REV through tracks from the base station.


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