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Friday, June 25, 2004
A few things:

Would it trouble you if your boss said this about something you were working on (trying to help you sort out some confusing issues)?:

"They're both the same thing, but different."

Mystic River Review (it's not really a spoiler):

This movie/book/story line had so much potential to not make me sick, but I feel compelled to stick my finger down my throat. It was a good film with good intentions, but like the Bush Administration - leaves some children behind. Most of the characters in this film just end up pissing you off. Watch it, but don't come crying to me later when you're an emotional invalid (and yes I do realize what I just said was impossible).

Rob, Click Here.

Hmm, it's interesting that in a country founded on principles of rebellion, so many people believe that it's Un-American to speak out against the president. When did we get royalty here? Where were these great "patriots" when cigars in the oval office was an issue? Oh, I know, they were out being hypocritical. I've guess they've traded in their hypocrite cards now. That said, if you get really bored you can check out some bad grammer and speeling here.


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