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Monday, June 07, 2004
I have decided that it is past due for me to post something. Here goes:

1. I joined a gym. I have done this since ever because I always believed myself to be the man when it came to my fitness. I no longer believe that.

2. I have decided to try Hydroxy-cut. Why? Boredom. Goal? None. Sense? None. Fun? No. Funny. Yes. Only to me? Yes as well.

3. I will be in C'ville for the Fourth. Due to popular demand, I am flying directly in to the ville at twice the cost of flying into Richmond (Thanx Oh Bee Juan!).

4. Classes start today, which means I will participating in a seven-week sprint to learn about the law of Families and my favorite oxymoron (along with Happy Sad, Victorious Failure and Military Intelligence) Legal Ethics.

5. I went to a hocky game this weekend! That's right, a hockey game with the ice and pucs and everything. The catch? It was game 6 of the Tampa-Calgary, which was played in Calgary, so Tampans (not to be confused with Tampons) watched the game on a really big screan outside of the stadium. I led my first hockey cheer and wave. I felt proud. I felt weird. I think I liked it.

6. Stay tuned. I have decided not to work this summer. That translates into many days of absolutely nothing to do, but go to the beach and see how black I really can be. Because it is not what is inside, but what is outside that counts.


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