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Tuesday, June 29, 2004
Grrrrrr. OK -- we are going to be able to sell this great house, because we've worked out A**es off for the past week, but I might kill my neighbors in the meantime.

The people from the homeowners association finally came to fix the loose siding on the house (long story - I'll vent about it some other time). While showing them where the siding was loose, one of them says:

"Is that always outside"
"I say yes" (thinking he is pointing to a cat usually camped under our front steps.)
Him: "Maybe it shouldn't be"
Me: Looking closer. "Crap that's the neighbor's pet ferret". He distracts ferret while I knock at neighbors. No one answers (but door is wide open, storm door closed).

We turn back to look at siding.

2 minutes later - siding people are gone. I'm thinking "that was fast. I'm going to make sure its actually done."

As I step out the door I see said ferret climbing into my neighbor's dryer vent. Thankfully not ours.

This so pisses me off, I will not be responsible for damage done to MY house from their animals.

Sorry, just had to vent.

So Ryan: Got anyone you want to show our 'lovely' house to?????


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