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Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Ok, so I haven't posted anything yet about the Schiavo case, probably because it makes me so mad. But now it seems that it's just about over, so I think I can talk about it without screaming. If you read Gene's chat, you saw his feelings about the case - and I entirely agree with him.

There are three things at issue here:

1. Each of us has the right to refuse medical care. In the case of someone who is incapacitated, this decision can be made by a guardian. In almost all cases, the guardian is the spouse, if there is one. This is because you choose your spouse (you don't choose your parents, or children), so he or she is most likely to know your wishes and know what you would want. If you don't trust your spouse to make these decisions for you, leave a living will. Better yet, divorce your spouse.

B) This case has already been properly dealt with in the state courts. This is a state issue, not a federal one, and Congress certainly has no right to start interfering with something that has always been legislated and litigated in the states. Neither does the Florida legislature have the right to try to choke the courts using new and unconstitutional laws. No matter what Jeb and George want.

iii) For the love of God, let her die. As was said in Gene's chat - let's suppose she's not entirely vegetative. Let's assume all the doctors were wrong, and she has some consciousness. How do we know she's not screaming, in her head, "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, LET ME DIE, PLEASE, KILL ME KILL ME KILL ME KILL ME KILL ME..."?

4. There is no 4.

I'm interested in JB's opinion, since he is studying law, lives in Florida, and is black.


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