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Wednesday, March 30, 2005
First: I am Poopie Toiletbrains.
Second: I am back from San Diego and Springbreak.
Third: Jetlag sucks!
Fourth: I have spent way too many classes discussing Terri Schiavo. I am sorry for both sides because, for all we know, Terri probably doesn't like this much attention. Further, I witnessed an 18-year old catholic girl argue Terri's case and how Terri could have "one brain wave" with a man who will receive his Ph.D in Biophysics in three weeks. Therefore, I have no opinion - sorry Margaret. However, in saying I have no opinion, I will state what I know. Florida law makes Terri's life's decisions the responsibility of her husband and vice versa. That is why the parents have lost every court battle that they have mounted - yet they continue to try.

Fifth and final: I have not played trivia in a while. I should get on that.

I still love cookies.


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