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Tuesday, May 11, 2004
A few funny excerpts from the last Cav Daily Lead Edit:

The Lost in Syndication Award goes to Bob Saget for his complete incompetence at stand-up comedy. Where's Danny Tanner when you need him?
The Best Special Effects Award goes to the IMP Society. Really, there aren't enough out-of-control bonfires on the Lawn.
The What Are We Compensating for Award goes to the Diversity Center and its 61-inch plasma television.
The Perfect Storm Award goes to Hurricane Isabel. It takes a real force of nature for the University to cancel classes.
The Best Anachronism Award goes to the Charlottesville Police Department for its use of cutting-edge technology within a painful centuries-old context.

You can view the whole thing here. Though the last two are irritatingly self-reverent.


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