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Editors at doesn't understand subject-verb agreement

Thursday, October 18, 2007
I just love when things are wrong on the main under the Evangelicals headline.


  1. Alison Hymes said...

    Um, don't you mean to say "Editor (singular) at doesn't understand subject-verb agreement." or Editors (plural) at "don't" understand subject-verb agreement."?


    11:07 PM  

  2. OH Bee Juan said...

    It says what it's supposed to say. It was done to make a point...a joke.

    7:26 AM  

  3. Mrs. B said...

    How do you not realize that the statement "Editors at doesn't understand subject-verb agreement" is funny?

    7:27 AM  

  4. Mrs. B said...

    I'm just going to put out there that I really hope alison was kidding or attempting a joke or something.

    Otherwise, what a sad, humorless world we lives in.

    9:15 AM  

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