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The Basement (Part 3 of 184)

Thursday, October 04, 2007
Well, we've made one more step towards finishing the basement: we laid the foundation for the shed. And holy cow does my back hurt. Allied Concrete delivered concrete blocks for us (very happy with them), and I think they must've each weighed 200 pounds. Well, near the end they felt that way...

We dug out the dirt behind the house to make a relatively level surface, poured sand, leveled, tamped, laid concrete blocks, picked the blocks back up and releveled the sand, laid blocks again, picked up all the blocks in the middle because they were too high, removed some dirt, put the middle blocks back down, picked them back up because now they were too low, added some sand back in, releveled, and finally put the middle blocks in for good. Big fun.

Up next: We'll assemble the shed (part 4). I'll post pictures when it's done, including some pictures of the foundation, because I am darn proud of that thing. It's nothing pretty to look at, but I'm gonna show you anyway.

(We've also gotten estimates for wood and framing and stuff, but nothing has actually happened with that yet.)


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