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vexing nutritional dilemma

Thursday, October 04, 2007
vexing nutritional dilemma - n.

1. Should I have the Double or the Baconator?
2. Krispy Kreme or Dunkin
3. Chocolate or Double Chocolate Fudge
4. Appletini or Cosmo
5. Guinness or ... (not really a dilemma here)
6. A Google Nope until it was recorded on the TM (this blog).
7. Does a Bacardi and diet coke actually contain 0 carbs or should I just have a Fresca?


  1. Scott Z said...

    A Bacardi & diet coke will contain no carbs, but it will contain roughly 110 calories. Your liver metabolises the alcohol in the rum; the alcohol effectively becomes a fat. Ethanol is metabolised into acetaldehyde, and then into acetic acid (the "active ingredient" in vinegar). The resulting acetic acid is then metabolized into fats, carbon dioxide, and water. Your body then metabolises the fats from partially metabolised alcohol rather than the fats stored in your body; the result is that alcohol adds calories.

    Of course, diet coke at 0 calories is a better choice than regular coke at 140 for a 12-ounce can, at least in terms of calories.

    A 150-pound man running at a 9 minute mile pace burns 120 calories per mile. A 250-pound man running at a 12 minute mile pace burns 143 calories per mile.

    11:29 AM  

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