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The Basement (Part 7 of 184)

Friday, October 26, 2007
I finally have pictures of here they are! I'm very excited about the framing, because I'm lousy at picturing how things are going to look, so the parts that help me visualize it all are great...

This is the view when you come down the stairs - there are corner shelves on each side when you get down, so that you're kind of guided to the left and down the hall:

A close-up of the future built-in corner shelves

The entertainment center!

The water heater and furnace will be in one closet, and the laundry will be in another closet.

The bar room, the back door, and the door to the office

The office

The tiny bathroom (shh, don't look at the plumbing yet, that's Part 9)


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