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Friday, June 16, 2006
True story and my most recent away message (shows how much YOU im me).

"What are these?" The young, eager attorney asked with a smile, "Oh these!" came the reply, "These are your cases. Your clients." With a smile on his face, the wind at his back and a song in his heart, "Do I call them?" "No, you wait for them to call you." was the retort wrapped around the snicker heard down the hall in every office and surely in the courthouse. Determined not to lose his ambition to save the poor one case at a time, "What if they don't call?" It was then that he learned three things as his stare of curiosity was met with a stare of ambiguity. The lessons: 1. He had no idea how to be an attorney; 2. he was not getting an answer; and 3. welcome to the public defender's office. As the more experienced attorney left the office, the youngling thought, "Is it too late to fail a class and stay in school another year?"

The away message before that was just weird:

They tell me that I am a defense attorney as they hand me a knife and a bag of potatoes. Don't look for logic and it will find you. Look for logic and it will hit you over the head with a bag of potatoes.

Do you have any funny, weird, interesting, a combination of the six, away messages. Share them with us for a prize!


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