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Thursday, June 15, 2006
This is in response to the 07 June posting. Sure, I could have added this to the comments, but, on the off chance that someone besides Mr., Mrs. and JB reads this blog, I would like many people to have a shot at this one.

I wouldn't necessarily say she is evil. She is telling the truth even she speaks only of a minority of the widowed group. Just as there are people who misused the funds FEMA handed out to assist Katrina victims, it will be illogical to think that all 911 victims are using their settlement monies appropriately. The problem with that argument, however, is, what is an appropriate definition for "appropriate usage?"


  1. Mrs. B said...

    So, if I said that "men are evil serial killers who enjoy eating their victim's hearts," I'd be speaking the truth because it's true of a small minority of men?

    10:57 AM  

  2. Mrs. B said...

    AAArrrrrgg...."their victims' hearts," I meant.

    10:58 AM  

  3. The Maharaja said...

    In all simplicity (and even statistically), you would be telling the truth. The burden would lie on the other side to aver the statistical fallacy of your minority statement.

    2:01 PM  

  4. OH Bee Juan said...

    I guess we are the only ones...and Phred sometimes...

    6:23 PM  

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