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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Beantown, cont'd

Tuesday was great - Oh Bee Juan had conference stuff all day, but I got to walk around Boston. The people here are interesting. Busy all the time - like your stereotypical Northerner, I guess - but not rude, and not very personable at first, but very friendly once you're in a conversation. Anyway, I did some reading and some walking around, window-shopped, and found some restaurants. Then last night we met up with Rob & his sister for dinner and karaoke. Yes, karaoke. The quality of the karaoke was pretty high, but Oh Bee Juan still blew everyone else away. Oh, and the Sox lost, and Miami won. %$#& Dallas.

After karaoke, we stopped by this open-mic jam thingy at Avalon. I got hit on three times while Oh Bee Juan was onstage. Par for the course when the crowd is only 10% female (at most), I suppose.

We were out pretty late last night, so I slept in today - by the way, the bed in this hotel is fantastic. Really fluffy - down pillows, down comforter, and a really THICK mattress topper that I think is down. It's just fantastic. I was going to go to the MFA today but it turns out it's not free all day - only in the evening. I'll see if Oh Bee Juan wants to go tonight. I'll be honest, I'm really just enjoying sleeping in and reading and walking around and not really having a schedule!


  1. The Maharaja said...

    Call Blaise, there is an awesome Chinese Restaurant and a really famous candy shop that you should visit. The Chinese Restaurant is a really small place, but the food is authentic, cheap and awesome! After you eat there, you can walk to the Candy shop - we did and it helped with the full belly. It's called Beantown because Butttown was too crass and has too many t's, Bootytown sounds too Black, Boobietown, is just funny, but still not appropriate for ESPN, Blacktown is reserved for cities with Major black populations and even still are referred to as Chocolate Cities, Battown is reserved for Gotham, Browntown sounds anal, Bluetown does not fit Boston and sounds like it should be the name for St. Louis or Chicago, Blowtown is for a small town in Colombia, Boobtown has the same explanation as Boobytown, Bodytown should be for Vegas, B-town sounds gay, and Beetown even gayer and is reserved for loser high schools who have the unfortunate fortune of having a Bee as their mascot. So, Boston is stuck with Beantown becuase the people there like beans, but not tea. I really need to some work at work.

    3:06 PM  

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