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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
UPDATE: Thanks to the internet and the wonders of public records, here's the jerk's traffic record:

Court Date Charge Type Result
04/28/00 SPEEDING 74/55 Infraction Prepaid
04/28/00 DRIVE SUSPENDED Misdemeanor Guilty
04/28/00 FAIL TO APPEAR/SUSP Capias Guilty
04/06/01 Civil Plaintiff: COMMONWEALTH OF VIRG Civil Other Judgment
01/04/01 SUSPENDED OL Misdemeanor Guilty
01/04/01 SPEEDING 41/25 Infraction Dismissed
06/26/01 DRIV UNDER REVO/SUSP Misdemeanor Appealed
06/26/01 SPEEDING 41/25 Infraction Nolle Prosequi
03/12/03 PUBLIC SWEARING/INTOXICATION Misdemeanor Dismissed
01/27/03 SPEEDING 59/45 Infraction Guilty
01/27/03 SEAT BELT VIOLATION Infraction Guilty

Yet to Come:
2006: Hit and Run!


  1. Unknown said...

    OMG find a good lawyer and take this guy for all he's worth (which unfortunately doesn't look like it's going to be much) and even more important get him off the streets. He's a menace to society.

    10:14 AM  

  2. Mrs. B said...

    Unfortunately, even if he gets 10 days in jail - or even, 90, which seems to be the max - he'll be back out on the street, driving without a license or insurance or registration, immediately afterwards. It's amazing to me that we can't take his car away.

    And even if we get awarded all he's worth, I doubt we'll ever see a dime...

    Not that we aren't going to try. He really shouldn't get to drive drunk, hit and run, drive without insurance, without inspection, without registration, lie to a police officer, and get away with it.

    Not to mention being a jerk.

    10:16 AM  

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