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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
I'm glad I don't live in Brazil, since they wouldn't allow me to die there. From the article:

Mayor Roberto Pereira da Silva's proposal to the Town Council asks residents to "take good care of your health in order not to die" and warns that "infractors will be held responsible for their acts."

I suppose the penalty would likely be death without parole.


  1. Mrs. B said...

    Ha ha ha.

    It was actually an interesting political move, proposing that law. I don't really understand why they've banned cremation - is it actually bad for the environment?

    9:15 AM  

  2. Scott Z said...

    Apparrently, it creates "dioxins and furans," which isn't a kind of currency. Click here, and search for "cremation."

    9:49 AM  

  3. OH Bee Juan said...

    dioxins suck.

    5:39 PM  

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