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Thursday, December 15, 2005
UPDATE UPDATE: Looks like the guy DOES have insurance. It's not the company that he originally told the officer he was insured by, though. I'm skeptical. It's another "nonstandard" company for high-risk drivers...d'oh. He called the officer and asked her to give me the agent's name and the claim number, and asked her to relay the message that they're going to take care of it, and really, he didn't see me, and he left because he didn't know where I was. Or something. The officer just relayed the message, she said, because she told him that she would.

How do you rearend someone and not see them? And how do they follow you, beeping the horn, and you not see them? Why would he even say that - or relay that message to me? Was he just saying it to her, really, under the guise of relaying the message to me, to try to convince her not to bring charges?



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