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Friday, September 17, 2004
Guess who worked 33 hours straight after having worked 14 hours the day before!

I am at home. I refuse to go in today although I have not (officially) been told by Cheray I don't have to come in. More later on how her communication is always lacking, poorly-timed, and ambiguous. I did actually already do an hour of work today on my own volition to get ready for next week but that's all I'm doing today.

I have two bosses now, one who is good (Bo) and one who sucks (Cheray).
Bo gave me a deadline in advance (imagine that) for Wednesday at 4. I met that deadline. He told me to go home and that I did a great job for him without much notice (he had told me the night before and I had worked until about 10 that night to make sure I'd meet his deadline the next day).

However, I could not go home. I got broadsided with no warning by Cheray and had to work from 4pm Wednesday until 2pm the next day for her to help out her team (that I am really only supposed to dedicate a small fraction of my time to now). She is horrible at communicating and managing...she never tells me when anything is due unless it's the same day she tells me for the first time about something...this is after she wasted three days last week before reviewing my piece of the work for her team's deliverable. I finally got fed up and put my piece out on the network and told her to look at it when she got the chance since she obviously wasn't going to come by like she promised over and over again. She is extremely rude. She tells you she's coming by and never does. I've just gotten to the point where I just leave if it's after 5pm (I'm the same level as her in the firm so I feel like it gives me a little leverage). Everyone on the project has told me this. She makes people feel like they have to sit arond for HOURS. The jr. people on the team tell me sometimes they sit around for five HOURS waiting for her to come by because she tells them she is going to come by in 5 MINUTES. They end up staying at the office until 7 or 8 on a regular basis needlessly because she never comes by and they eventually just give up and go home. She is really hurting their opinions of the firm and cutting into their personal lives for no reason.

Back to the 33 hours...predictably by 5:30am, her team created a load of steaming crap filled with errors that wasn't even what the client really wanted because somebody (Cheray) didn't bother to clarify their requirements before making everybody on her team work through the night to the next afternoon. The deadline then shifted to about 10am by her taking a train up to our Philly office and planning on delivering the item in person by grabbing everything off our VPN. My piece of the work comes at the end of their process. I had to make changes to my app starting at 7am when her team had finally finished their reports creation process (which as mentioned before the client didn't like). Extremely rushed and them not giving me database tables with names I had asked for, it of course created a bunch of problems with my application which took until 1:30pm to sort out.

She's going to make them do it again next week. I can feel it. I am not doing that again. I really need to talk to her about giving people notice and communicating deadlines in advance. She literally said to me at 4pm Wednesday, "This must be done by 5:30 am." Unacceptable.



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