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Saturday, September 11, 2004
Bloggers of Fairness are Mine,

Since my last blog, I had been out of school for five days, Himmicane Ivan was a Category 2 storm, Grenada was a cute little island, Jamaica was a great vacation spot for reasons no one seem to remember (we'll attibute that to their amazing herbal remedies) and Jacksonville was virtually safe. Well, much has changed since then. Grenada is still a cute little island that is 90% in ruins; Jamaica has become a great surfing location for the extreme surfers and the world's number one vacation spot not to be seen at right now; Himmicane Ivan was a 5, kicked Grenada in the nuts, down graded to a four, squared off with Jamaica and is looking forward to open waters so that it has the chance to regain is category 5 status just before it finishes Florida off. As for Jacksonville, the panic is already here and merchants are running out of (in this order) beer, gas and bottled water. Florida, still reeling from the effects of Hurricanes Bonnie and Frances and Himmicane Charley, is pretty fcuk-ed if Ivan decides to pay a visit. I went to work one day this week, because they fear that we may not go to work next week. Ah Florida living.

On a lighter note, someone has been able to hold my attention for longer than a week. I'm scared.


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