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Friday, March 26, 2004

Last night I was telling George about ring story #1 from earlier in the month. Little did I know, I'd be writing ring story #2 the next day. This is rated PG.

As I'm pulling the car out of the driveway, I realize that I'm not wearing my ring. I'm not comfortable sleeping with it on because of ring scare #1 (doesn't warrant a story, I just went to sleep with it on and woke up with it off and thought I'd lost it - then I remembered that I went to sleep with it on), so I take it off at night. Actually, I take the ring off anytime I think I might drop it. With that said, I went back into the house, picked up the ring and carpooled off to work.

The graphic part:

So I get to work without having a great deal of preparation time this morning. Consquently, I have to go potty. I go potty.

(End Graphic Scene)

Back in cube hell:

I send George an invitation to the blog, mentioning the ring story from earlier this month. I look at my finger as it feels light. Guess what? NO RING.

Back in the bathroom:

I look in the stalls and the counters and peek into trashcans. NO RING.

At the car:

I put on Carmex because my lips are dry. NO RING.

Back in the bathroom:

No one else is in the bathroom (and it's pretty early), so I pull the trashcans out and go through them. WHY ARE THERE COFFEE GROUNDS ALL OVER THE CAN? WHERE'S MY RING?

Back in the cube:

I sift through every paper and other item on my desk. NO RING. I IM my boss and tell her as I may have to go home and sulk. She tells me to put an announcement on the message board. So I send an announcement about NO RING. I think about maybe telling Margaret. HELL NO. I decide to go back to the car to look again.

The announcement:


Gold ring has been lost. If you find it please contact baxtonj and save a life today.

In the hallway by the water fountain:

I check my shirt pocket.

Back in the cube:

Quickly IM'd the boss and removed the announcement. I resolve that I really will have to give the ring up for a few days to get it resized. This is for the general good of all mankind...and because Margaret might make me do it today. Meghan: diaper bag.


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