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Thursday, March 11, 2004
Oh yeah:

So last night, I'm getting rid of the 80 boxes, mounds of tissue paper and the styrofoam peanuts (so kindly given to us by Crate and Barrel)...and after an hour and some change, I finish. It's 12:15. Naturally, a person that has a dentist's appointment at 8:30 should be asleep by now. So I try to get ready for bed (the boss is already MOSTLY passed out). To my surprise, what do I find?

My ring isn't on my finger (and no, I didn't take it off). At this point everyone knows that the proper response to this is "Oh Shit!".

I calmly search the areas in the house where it might have fallen off (for 10 minutes). I decided to wake Margaret up...

The next set of events are amazing:

1. I was told (or ordered) to bring in all of the boxes I just spent an hour putting outside.
1a. I nearly went AWOL.
2. Margaret went through all of the paper and peanuts (even the ones I'd gone through).
3. She found the ring in the bottom of one of the boxes (It's now around 1:30).
4. She did all of this without freaking out or raising her voice.

This story is to show that the reason why I take such a long time to make decisions is because I like to make the right ones (dinner is an important decision). While it didn't take me a great deal of time to spot Margaret as a keeper, I clearly made the right choice.


p.s. I've decided to get my ring resized.


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