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Friday, March 19, 2004
Oh Friday, how I love you so,
but why must you go by so slow, sooo slow?
If at home, by now I'd be floored,
but here I remain, restless and bored.

Content I'd be, if I were deep in work,
but instead I surf, like a slacking jerk.
Once and for all, I must finally say
Friday's OK, but I really love cheat day.

Sunday, oh Sunday where are you,
with pizza, fried cheese, and a frothy brew?
On burgers, nuggets, and those tasty fries,
I'll fill myself, 'til I've popped my eyes.

Work for five and workout on Saturday too!
Gluttony will stop me from feeling like poo.
'Til then I'll remain in a bitter, sour mood,
Good morning, God bless, now where's the food?


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