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Thursday, July 02, 2009
I tried my first dip yesterday. Yesterday, I tried my last dip.

Marriage Defined

Wednesday, June 03, 2009
The instance where a person agrees to remain with another person for purposes of rearing a family, gaining permanent companionship, or other nonenumerated reasons via a contractual bond recognized by the state exercising jurisdiction, God or other religious, spiritual, or faith-based organization. Such events may or may not be ceremonialized in nuptial gatherials, must be presided over by an agent of any state or religious, faith-based, or spiritual organization, no ceremony at all, and, in some cases, require one of the contractors to be simultaneously represented by a family member in possesion of a loaded, operating firearm of some sort. The symbol of a completed marriage is typically a ring placed on the fourth finger (counting the thumb as the first finger and the "pinky finger" as the fifth finger) of the left hand. Although, this symbol is not required.


Monday, May 11, 2009
I looked at the date of the last post and was saddened. I realized that the last post was 24 Feb. In addition, I was the last poster! People, our blog is suffering. Do we not experience still? Have we not the urge to share our personal ramblings and inner monologues? Perish the thought for the day has arrived that we cease to live and share! I beseach thee! Return to the blog and breath life yet into this wilting flower. My belief in you is strong, for you hold the key that will unlock the treasure that is our blog.

I just watched both seasons of the Tudors - forgive me.

Anyway, if you want to send cookies or other "goodies" to a friend/brother/son/uncle/cousin/citizen soldier who is at Fort Hood, TX his address is:

Jelani Berry
Battalion Judge Advocate
Building 56413
North Fort Hood, TX 76544

Lest you revive your once cherished notions for the blog, you shan't see my dispatch.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009
I need to buy a laptop. I need suggestions. 850.689.5580.

It happened and I couldn't stop it:

Thursday, February 05, 2009
Midnight rain on a tin roof
Sing my soul a lullaby
Make my dreams pleasant and true
Shut my weary eyes

Time flyes by as we stand still
Quickly to fire, but stuck at the wheel
Wet like a desert in snowy times
Nights become mornings before I unwind
Mornings become evenings though nothing is done

...But wait! There's more!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009
Here's the rest of the story:

2. He said, "I ran on a platform of diversity and women in leadership positions, so the first thing I did was to go out and hire four black attorneys. I also put a woman in the position of chief at the Crestview Office." I appreciated be downgraded to the guy who is at the PD's office because he's black.

3. He lost/fired 14 attorneys and hired 19 to replace them. He funded this move, but firing the investigative staff.

4. We can no longer go on any CLE (Continuing Legal Education - required to maintain a license in FL) conferences because we are doing all of our training in house. He did not, however, apply for CLE credit and many people are due. Luckily, this does not include me because the Army helps me by sending me to classes.

I truly wonder about the next four years of this office, the reputation this office is about to shoulder and how long it will take for the office to shake off said reputation. Hmmm....maybe I just needed to share again.
Due to the overwhelming response I received from my last post, I have decided to post yet again.

The newly elected Public Defender, by default, is my new boss. I have every confidence in his incompetence. We now have these weekly training meeting every Thursday for two hours. For the first one, we introduce ourselves to, well, ourselves. I missed the second one because I was in court, but I heard they watched Tom Cruise's opening statement in "A Few Good Men." (I can't make this shit up). The third one, we introduced ourselves to well, ourselves. This time, however, we had the added bonus to hear the newly elected PD tell us about his glory days in high school and college sports. Not to mention, there were former college athletes around the table who had more success than him and this does not include me, but I digress.

He mentioned several things in his speech that incensed me abit:

1. He, being from Milton, which is smaller than Waynesboro, could not afford to spend his time working in our county because our court is child's play. He did not mention that he fired several of the people who used to work in this county, replaced them with incompetent attorneys or figurehead attorneys who would not be responsible for a docket, then split uncovered work between other attorney's because they seem to be doing well with their respective dockets.

There's more, but I have to go depose some people. I will finish later.

Question with a scenario

Friday, January 16, 2009
I wanted to use vignette, but I couldn't remember how to spell it. I also realize that I could have used a dictionary or the Googles and I would have been able to figure it out. I used the Googles and realized that there are many meanings for the word vignette, but I digress....

Here is the situation.

One of the assistants in my office and her attorney are having issues. I am never there for the incidents, but the fallout it pretty drastic (i.e. She storms out of the office, He shuts down for a week, tension, tension and more tension). Anyhoo, that all changed.

Today, I managed to see the beginning. I was talking to my assistant about sex, drugs and rock and roll (or insert your inappropriate office conversation here). The other assistant was on the phone when her attorney started calling her name. He call from his office several times, I motion to her that she has been beckoned, he comes out of his office and is waving his hands in her face and the whole time she is ignoring me and him. Finally, she get off the phone and asks, "What I does he want?" After she tends to the situation, I realized that I had to have a talk.

I told her that she was in the wrong. I asked who was on the phone and why could she not put them on hold to help her attorney. She told me that it was another assistant in another city. Then I told she was completely in the wrong. She complained that he does that all the time, sometimes he ignores her when she needs him and adds that he shows no respect for her. I responded with," That is your attorney and you are his assistant. You have to adapt to him. Period. If you are not assisting him, you are not useful. You spent 25 years in the Air Force and it is the same relationship just without the uniforms." She responds, "I have been out of the AF for 10 years and I don't have to put up with that shit anymore." I told her she was wrong and added that her attorney was her boss and outranks her. He can ignore her all he wants, it doesn't make him the best person in the world, but your time is his time. So if he calls you 50 times a day, you have to deal with it or request to work for another attorney.

She teared up and stormed out.

Now, I feel like I did something wrong by having to tell a women who is older than my mother that she acted poorly.

If she brings it up I will address the situation again. Otherwise, I'm done. I just wanted to share.