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Tuesday, February 03, 2009
Due to the overwhelming response I received from my last post, I have decided to post yet again.

The newly elected Public Defender, by default, is my new boss. I have every confidence in his incompetence. We now have these weekly training meeting every Thursday for two hours. For the first one, we introduce ourselves to, well, ourselves. I missed the second one because I was in court, but I heard they watched Tom Cruise's opening statement in "A Few Good Men." (I can't make this shit up). The third one, we introduced ourselves to well, ourselves. This time, however, we had the added bonus to hear the newly elected PD tell us about his glory days in high school and college sports. Not to mention, there were former college athletes around the table who had more success than him and this does not include me, but I digress.

He mentioned several things in his speech that incensed me abit:

1. He, being from Milton, which is smaller than Waynesboro, could not afford to spend his time working in our county because our court is child's play. He did not mention that he fired several of the people who used to work in this county, replaced them with incompetent attorneys or figurehead attorneys who would not be responsible for a docket, then split uncovered work between other attorney's because they seem to be doing well with their respective dockets.

There's more, but I have to go depose some people. I will finish later.


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