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Tuesday, February 03, 2009
Here's the rest of the story:

2. He said, "I ran on a platform of diversity and women in leadership positions, so the first thing I did was to go out and hire four black attorneys. I also put a woman in the position of chief at the Crestview Office." I appreciated be downgraded to the guy who is at the PD's office because he's black.

3. He lost/fired 14 attorneys and hired 19 to replace them. He funded this move, but firing the investigative staff.

4. We can no longer go on any CLE (Continuing Legal Education - required to maintain a license in FL) conferences because we are doing all of our training in house. He did not, however, apply for CLE credit and many people are due. Luckily, this does not include me because the Army helps me by sending me to classes.

I truly wonder about the next four years of this office, the reputation this office is about to shoulder and how long it will take for the office to shake off said reputation. Hmmm....maybe I just needed to share again.


  1. Skelly said...

    Oh man, you have my sympathy! Hang in there.

    10:57 PM  

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