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Mommy, why does Daddy drink so much?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008
Well sweetie (In that patronizing Mommy voice), your Daddy's a lawyer and he has conversations like these on a daily basis.

Client: I want a trial!

Me: We have no evidence or theory to disprove the State's case. A trial is not in your best interest.

Client: Still, I want a trial. I want my day in court.

Me: It will be a bad day.

Client: *Snicker* Maybe for you, but not for me.

Me: You realize at the end of that day, I will be going home and you will go to prison.

Client: How come I have to go to prison?

Me: Because the state can prove that you committed a crime.

Client: Well, disprove it.

Me: We have no EVIDENCE!

Client: Why should that stop you?

Me: *Sigh* (to myself) And I applied for this job.


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