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More Things I Have Learned

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
9 months is a long time, until it's not.

If I asked you what your plans were for next March, what would you say? Too far ahead to think about, right? I felt that way back in December: 9 months is a long time.

At 4 weeks, Mr. B and I felt like 8 weeks was FOREVER to wait to tell people. And I think being constantly sick made the time go by kind of slowly.

At 12 weeks, another two months to find out the gender seemed like FOREVER. August still seemed far away, and I was (for some reason) eagerly anticipating "showing."

Finding out that the alien growing inside me was a boy made things a little more "real." But still, I was only halfway through this thing, and it was (barely) spring - late summer was still FOREVER to wait.

Now? We've seen our first 100-degree days, so summer is here. The list of "Things To Do Before The Kid Shows Up" hasn't gotten much shorter, and yet my google countdown keeps on ticking (64 days!). Suddenly we have a childbirth class and a meeting with the pediatrician and a tour of the maternity ward scheduled and a guess-the-date-and-weight game in the works and a lot of cleaning to do to satisfy my nesting instinct and holy cow this is really only two months away...


  1. Unknown said...

    Just wait until the second week of August. Then you'll be sitting there going...When Is this Gonna Be Over? When am I gonna get to hold him? But yeah I totally remember how slowly and quickly things went at the same time.

    9:26 PM  

  2. genevieve said...

    Or, if you're like me, you think - "hey, I've got tons of time to get things done!" and the kid arrives THREE WEEKS EARLY while your new laundry room is still in construction stages and you're entire family is having Thanksgiving four states away ...

    7:51 PM  

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