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What They Don't Tell You

Tuesday, May 06, 2008
Ok, there are a lot of things that no one tells you about being pregnant. But what's really odd is this: you feel the kid move. All the time. It's not just that sometimes the kid kicks and you can feel it - no, you're sitting at your desk, and he's moving. You're walking to your car, and he's moving. You're in a meeting, in the shower, watching TV, trying to sleep, having a conversation, doing dishes - and he's moving. Kicking, squirming, poking. Imagine someone following you around for four months or so, poking you in the stomach. Except that you love this person a lot, so it's not as annoying as you'd think.

It's weird. It's cool, but it's really really weird. That's all.


  1. Unknown said...

    Ahhhh.....the alien inside of me feeling. I remember those days.

    6:28 PM  

  2. genevieve said...

    And then, they come out. And they KEEP DOING IT. Hanging on your clothes. Pulling on your arm. Reaching for your nose, hair, glasses, shirt ...

    8:12 PM  

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