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Do We STILL Have to Claim West Virginia?

Friday, May 16, 2008
Seriously, can't they secede from the U.S. or something?

I was listening to NPR yesterday (the other car, with XM, was in the shop) and caught a little tidbit about the role race played in the primary in West Virginia (or, West Virgina, if you please). You can listen to it for yourself, but here's the interesting parts [with some sarcasm for your enjoyment]:

"Hillary Clinton's overwhelming victory over Barack Obama in West Virginia has revived a common question this primary season: How race influences voters decisions.

"One in five white West Virginia voters said race helped determine their choice.

"On Tuesday, we asked West Virginians who they voted for, and why, as they left the polls. We heard a lot of this:

"I don't want Obama in there. I don't like his background. They're putting the man in because of his race. And I don't, uh, I'm not ready for that." -Gene Morris [you're right, because the best thing a black person has going for them in this country, and your state, is his race]

"Mr. Obama doesn't have much of a chance here because they will not vote for a black man in West Virginia. And they can't stand the thoughts of a black man telling a white man what to do." -Joetta Koon [she actually gets it]

"Whether he is a Muslim, uh, I guess he's not, I guess it's just everything that's going on in the Middle East; a little scary being unknown." -Thomas Caldwell [um, he's not Muslim, as if it matters, and the only unknown in this equation is what's taking up the space between your two ears]

"You know I didn't vote for no colored. [laughing]" -Morris King [yep, we know]
"They're all West Virginians who voted in Tuesday's primary. We should add that none of them were asked specifically about race."

One word: WOW!


  1. Mrs. B said...

    The ones on the Daily Show were even worse...people on camera saying these things that led Jon Stewart to declare their new state slogan:

    "West Virginia: No interviews, please."

    10:10 AM  

  2. OH Bee Juan said...

    I believe that the line was
    "I'm tired of Hussein."

    12:41 PM  

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