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Verb 'n' Verb

Sunday, March 09, 2008
On another note ...

Have you noticed that all baby/toddler items you can purchase are named "Verb and Verb" (or the ever popular, Verb 'N' Verb). I suppose it's part of the FUD parenting ethos - if you are loaded up with Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt about parenting you will buy anything regardless of cost to make sure you are doing the best possible thing for baby (warning, Margaret and John, do not succumb to this). Everything must be TWO things, or your baby will not learn, grow, play, whatever ....

Here's a list of just the things I have around my house at first glance:

Pack 'n' play
Peek and sqeak
kick and play
snap 'n' go
play and learn
play and grow
seal and go
sit and spin

What have I left out?


  1. Mrs. B said...

    Go to Toys R Us online and search for 'n':

    Swing 'n' Bounce
    Cuddle 'n' care
    Sounds 'n' lights (noun and noun)
    Sit 'n' store
    Stack 'n' count
    Sleep 'n' play (even clothing is verb 'n' verb)
    Safe 'n' sure (ooh, adjective and adjective for a pacifier)
    Scoot 'n' scoop
    Count 'n' spell
    Shake 'n' go
    Walk 'n' ride
    Bounce 'n' go

    Ok I'm tired now. But there are more!

    12:51 PM  

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