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The Basement (Parts 16 & 17 of 184)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007
Part 15.5: Further wiring progress. The electric work is coming along nicely - should be done this weekend! - and Oh Bee Juan has a lot of the non-electric wiring done (cable, ethernet, phone, etc).

Part 16: The carpet has been chosen and ordered! We got our final price quote and picked a color - it's the same carpet we have upstairs, but in the color "Pebble." The tentative installation date is December 10th. If everything goes according to plan (ha), we'll be done that week!

Part 17: The cabinets for the bar have been chosen and ordered! Again, the same stuff as upstairs but in a different color. Same style and cabinet as our kitchen, but in "sable." Check 'em out here.


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