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Thursday, February 17, 2005
Dear Mr. Oh Bee Juan,

Yes, Bush is the antichrist. Yes, we will be attacked by everyone, except Canada. I think the US is becoming the modern day Great Britain. Remember them? Remember when they had the power to say, "OK, so you want to fight. Then, we are going to help the other side." and countries would stop fighting? We have taken over where Alexander The Great, Great Britain and the Roman Empire stopped.

I think our conquerous attitude is synonymous with a teenager who just got her drivers' license. At first, you go fast. Then you go faster. Then you get reckless. Then you get in a big crash and get the bejesus scared out of you. Then you go slower. If we are not careful, our accident will happen sooner than we think. Do we have enough insurance to cover the damage?

As for Rob, Congrats on the Lasagna (pronounced Luh - zahg - nee).

Now for the rest of you - BLOG!!!!!


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