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Monday, December 13, 2004
Is this thing on?

I have bad news. A blog is dying. We are all guilty, jointly and severally, of watching its demise and doing nothing. I now stand on my shoe box because soap boxes are a) too small, b) not as sturdy as they used to be, and c) I would have to buy boxed soap when I already have shoes. In any event, I am now standing on a deflated shoe box because, as I have now discovered, shoe boxes aren't at all sturdy. Nonetheless, I stand here in a crowd of people where the probability of being the shortest or one of the shortest people in the crowd is great, which means my message will no doubt deliver its flacid blow to deaf or out of "earshot" ears. So, I yell. With hands cupped around my mouth (not to hide the infliction of morning breath), I fill my lungs with air and summon the courage to form the words necessary to convey a message.


Breath life into this blog, lest its death be excruciatingly painful, slow and quiet. Fiends, Browsers, Bloggers! Blog for your right to blog. Blog for the right to blog. Blog for blogging's sake. Finally, blog the blogger's quo. I blog this to your attention because when all is blogged and done, all we will have are our blogs. And we will always have blog.


Yours Blogly


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