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Thursday, December 16, 2004
Do those pillows come in fat, or black, or even better, fat black? Do they have the fried chicken and and robitusen (how the hell do you spell robitussen?) scent? On a more perverted note, do they have the mountain fresh scent (there are two other (s)(c)ents, sent and cent)? If you turn your head inward, do you get to see the "road to China?"

I would like to take credit for positing (not posting, but positing) these questions on my own, but that would be an untruth. Instead, however, I tell you that some of these queries came from my beloved students, who, thanx to drugs and my destructive influence, have learned how to navigate through, participate in and enjoy the outer fringes of their minds. :)

Harry Kwannachamas to all, happy birthday to the bloggers, and, finally, love, peace and soup. Mostly because soup rocks!

Oh! My secret Santa bought me a Virginia pennant (I'm excited), I'm getting that "loving feeling" (I'm scared to death), I can no longer play tennis anymore because my platella (knee cap), has shifted slightly, so my knee doesn't work right anymore (I am mad/sad as hell), and I am coming home for the days of holiness (pronounced like Holly with a ness attached).



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