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Thursday, August 12, 2004
All quiet on the western front...

So, what happened to John on his birthday?

1. Got very sick from alcohol. Well, from not eating before drinking alcohol.
2. Went to work despite being really sick. Came home at 11:30 after throwing up outside for half an hour.
3. Lost his glasses somewhere in his house or car. A preliminary search has turned up no clues.
4. Missed the 4:15 showing of "Collateral" because the woman at Walmart took 25 minutes to get him some contact lenses. WTF?
5. Finally saw the movie at 7:20. Not bad.
6. Came within inches of being in an accident. Lights were off. Could have been his fault, except the guy failed to yield to cars coming both ways.
7. Despite all of this, Margaret managed to make a good day out of it.

No, I don't get wiser as I age. I just get weaker and more bitter.


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