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Friday, July 16, 2004
So, yesterday I held my first teacher meeting.  I think it went well - though I suppose I started it in rather a corny way, I had each teacher introduce him/herself and say something interesting.  One teacher's interesting thing was that he has started a blog, and he was looking around at other local blogs, and saw that one blog owner was the Associate Manager of Kaplan Test Prep & Admissions (that's me).  I briefly described our little blog here, and said that I don't blog at work (when I do, it's during my lunch, actually) (except now) (anyway...) - good thing I had already told Katie (my manager) about the blog!  :-)
So how are my fellow bloggers?  I described this blog as mostly being political rants, though I suppose lately that's not true...  Which reminds me, we will be having an election party this year.  We will either watch the news and drink and celebrate, or watch the news and drink and cry.  Those with differing political views are welcome to attend at their own risk.


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