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Sunday, February 17, 2008
The following story is a product of the statement, "The Army's definition of 'fun' is different from MY definition of 'fun'."

Today, I went to the World of Coca Cola in Atlanta. It is essentially a $15 advertisement where you watch movies about Coke, get bombarded with more Coke propaganda than you can shake a can at, taste different Coke products from around the world, and realize that we really do have most of the world's best soft drinks right here in good ole U. S. of A.

One of the places we visited in this World of Coke was called the Happiness Factory.

Well, last night, I visited one of Atlanta's After School Programs for Young Ladies in Need of Tuition Assistance - "The Cheetah" branch.

In any event after a night of assisting young ladies with their academic endeavours and an afternoon of a very long coke advertisement, I discovered, "Coca Cola's definition of a Happiness Factory" is definitely different from MY definition of a Happiness Factory.

By the way, I am also trying to understand why after paying $15 to visit The World of Coke where you get as much free Coke as you want and they give you a bottle of coke to take home with you, anyone would still buy a bottle of coke from a vending machine directly in front of the World of Coke for $1.25.

I've decided humans are stupid.


  1. OH Bee Juan said...

    You do realize that you're one of the most confusing people to ever walk the earth, don't you?

    1:44 PM  

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