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The Basement (Parts 45-53 of 184)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Sometimes things happen so fast I don't even have time to blog them...

Part 45: Most of the stuff is back under the stairs. Kinda. You can sorta walk through our kitchen now...

Part 46: Priming! Our painter showed back up in town and came out to prime the walls this weekend. It took an hour for the entire thing, using a sprayer...

Parts 47 & 48: Mr. B bought the MDF for the shelves, and our trim guy came and installed the bottom shelves in the entertainment center and on the corner knee walls. I'll post pics at some point to show what the heck I mean by that.

Part 49: Drywall touch-up.

Part 50: The switch for the light under the stairs is installed. We'll probably never use it, since the light has a motion sensor, but it's there. :-)

Part 51: The great returning. We took about $400 worth of stuff back to Lowe's. Cha-ching!

Part 52: All of the trim and doors have been ordered and will delivered on Friday.

Part 53: Paint! We have paint! On the walls! It's painted!!! Our painter and his guys came out today and painted the entire basement. They're coming back tomorrow to touch up, but it's basically done!


  1. genevieve said...

    yea! I got your message. Scott made me listen to it personally. I laughed. Where are the pictures?

    7:49 PM  

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