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The Basement (Parts 1 & 2 of 184)

Sunday, September 16, 2007
I've decided to post updates here about our progress finishing the basement. Why are you interested in this? Well, you're probably not - but if you read about it here, then when you come over and we try to bore you with a basement progress report, you can just say "Yeah, I know, I read about it on the blog."

Also, I'm excited about it, and blogging will help the Type-A, "J" side of my personality to cope with the extremely slow progress.

There IS some (extremely minor) progress though - we have a floorplan (below) - the second one shows how the current office furniture will fit downstairs, and how the future den furniture will go.

And we got a shed! We haven't put it together yet, but the plan is to do that sometime this week...most of the stuff in the basement right now will go in the shed. Once it's mostly empty, we can clean! Then we'll actually be ready to start.

So, a plan and a shed - Woohoo! That's steps 1 and 2, done. Only 182 more to go.


  1. Scott Z said...

    Could you add a red dot to every place on the floor plan where Monet has left a "little present?"

    9:32 AM  

  2. Mrs. B said...

    Ha. Just avoid the office. :-)

    9:39 AM  

  3. The Maharaja said...

    One hundred eighty-two steps to the completion of my liar *Hmmm, somehow it seems that reads like liar. Not "liar" where the majestic lion protects his pride and mates his concubines, but "liar" as one who is incapable of telling the truth. My innner monologue is failing me...* and soon, very soon, but no sooner than later, I shall unveil my plan to take over the wo-MOM! I SAID I WAS COMING! OH MY GAH!

    7:18 PM  

  4. Mrs. B said...

    Maharaja, have you been drinking? Hm?

    12:48 PM  

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