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So, you say you want a revolution ...

Monday, August 20, 2007

This is a convoluted chain, but bear with me: An organization calling itself "Family Security Matters" published an article by Phillip Atkinson which advocated the idea of a "President-for-life" George W. Bush and descried Democracy as a failure. This article was later removed from the FSM site, but is accessible via Google cache (search: "president for life bush"). A provocative argument in the article is that, according to the author, the US should have used nuclear bombing to either beat the Iraqi populace into submission or erase them from the planet, whichever came first. It's hard to believe that any article this far over the top is serious, and yet there's no evidence of satire at all.

Phillip Atkinson is a British high-school drop-out now living in Australia. He has self-published a so-called "theory of civilization" called "A Study of Our Decline." From what I can tell, it is only available on the Internet (

OK, so far, just some nut job on the Internet. Nothing new there.

BUT, who is FSM?
According to this blog post, FSM is a front-organization for the "Center for Security Policy," whose board of advisors is now called the "National Security Advisory Council." Sound familiar? You might recall that an early member of that group was ... Vice President Dick Cheney.

So, to sum up: an organization with ties to the White House is advocating the overthrow of the Constitution and mass genocide in the Middle-East.


  1. Mrs. B said...

    Very interesting...of course, King George and the White House have been chipping away at the constitution for years!

    6:42 AM  

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