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Monday, March 19, 2007
I brought sexy back, but I had to throw it away because it smelled rotten.

So...yeah...I think Pink was much better than Justin Timberlake, but that may have been the Cirque du Soleil style show and the outfits. I think I enjoyed James Taylor more...I'm getting old. I must applaud Justin for doing a tequila shot on stage. I have to try that one.

Question? Why is it that when an artist says I love it here in <insert your town name> or I heard y'all like to get buck wild in <insert your town name>, people go nuts? Did they not know that they were in <insert your town name> before? Did they not like <insert your town name> before? Clearly <insert artist or group here> likes <insert your town name> because <insert artist or group here> is getting paid <insert percentage of exhorbitant ticket price/person or slang term for 'lots of cash'> to be in <insert your town name>.

Well, at least Timbaland was there.


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